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Yoga health benefits

You know it can reduce stress and anxiety; but newer studies are also pointing to the benefits of yoga in treating a number of ailments. And while your yoga practice won’t cure asthma, treat allergies or make you live to 100, it can lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, alleviate depression and treat several other conditions. Here’s our roundup of some compelling findings.

Depression. A number of studies have found that yoga can significantly reduce symptoms of depression and improve depression-related insomnia.1 In one study, people who did a 12-week yoga ttraining showed significantly reduced measures of depression, as well as tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, fatigue, and confusion.2 And pregnant women who practiced yoga showed significantly lower markers of depression, anxiety, and pregnancy-related discomfort than those who did standard exercises.3

Cardiovascular disease. Yoga can benefit heart health in several ways. A few small studies show a regular yoga practice may be helpful in preventing atrial fibrillation, a rapid and uneven fibrillation of the muscles of the atria of the heart,4 as well as decreasing heart rate and significantly improving parasympathetic activity.5 And several studies have suggested yoga can lower blood pressure in patients with hypertension.6,7,8

Back pain. A few dozen studies point to the efficacy of yoga in treating back pain. One review of ten studies on yoga for back pain found strong evidence for both short-term and long-term reduction in pain, and reduction of disability related to back pain.9 In another study, a 12-week protocol of once- or twice-weekly yoga classes were effective in treating even severe chronic low back pain.10 And a review of four randomized control trials found that yoga lead to a significant improvement in back function, compared with other modalities.11

Immune response. Several studies have pointed to yoga’s ability to enhance immune function, especially in relation to stress.12 In one study of the impact of stress on immune system function, people who did yoga for 35 minutes daily showed reduced autonomic changes and impairment of cellular immunity in relation to stress. And in combination with meditation, hypnosis and muscle relaxation, yoga may reduce immune-related effects of stress in cancers and HIV infection.13 There may be a genetic component to yoga’s action on immunity, and the effects can be quite rapid; in a small group of people who did a weekend of yoga postures, yogic breathing and meditation, the comprehensive yoga practice changed the expression of genes in circulating immune cells.14

Sleep and insomnia. Yoga appears to enhance sleep, reduce insomnia, decrease nocturnal awakenings and improve quality of sleep. In one study of men who complained of insomnia, the group who did yoga showed significant improvement in stress scores and decreased insomnia, in only eight weeks.15 In another study, a regular Bikram Yoga practice was associated with significantly faster return to sleep after nocturnal awakenings.16

Osteoarthritis. Yoga can help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis, a chronic and painful condition involving the breakdown of cartilage, and may be better than physiotherapy exercises.17 In one study, people with osteoarthritis of the knee who did a modified Iyengar yoga practice once a week experienced a reduction in pain and stiffness, and enhanced physical function18. In another study of women with osteoarthritis of the knee, those who did 60 minutes of yoga three times a week showed a significant decrease in pain and an increase in daily activities, sports and spare-time activities, and quality of life.19


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