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Ravi Dykema, Yogiraj


I first studied Yoga with a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Dayton Ohio in 1970 at age 18 while attending Antioch University. Then in 1972, at age 20, I traveled overland across Europe, the Middle East and Asia to Pondicherry, South India, where I lived at Ananda Ashram and studied under Swami Gitananda, who was the head of a traditional Tantra/Raja Yoga lineage he called Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga. His main guru was Swami Kanakananda, also known as Ram Gopal Mujumdar. I lived at the ashram 6 months at a time (October-March) for four years (till 1976), with intervals in Sri Lanka, where I ran a Yoga center in Colombo, and also with intervals in the USA.


During that time and since, I have had a continuous private practice in Yoga therapy. I created a Yoga center in Boulder called The Laya Institute (1994-’98), where I offered a 1000-hour 3-year yoga teacher’s diploma course (and granted 9 diplomas), as well as beginning-to-advanced yoga classes and retreats. From 1989 to 2005 (16 years) I was an adjunct faculty (ultimately, “adjunct professor”) at Naropa University. I developed the curriculum for and directed the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Traditional Eastern Arts, Yoga Concentration. It continues to this day, and is the only accredited bachelor’s degree in yoga in the USA.


Drawing on the broad curriculum I developed in the classrooms at Naropa University, I wrote a college textbook on Yoga for Wadsworth Publishing, a division of Cengage Learning, titled Yoga for Fitness and Wellness (2005 and, second edition, 2011), which is available at CengageBrain.com and other online booksellers. It contains entire chapters on Yoga’s history, philosophy, and theory, an unusual trait for a modern Yoga book.



In a separate but overlapping career, I have owned, edited and published two holistic health and spirituality magazines, Attunement in Madison WI from 1980-’84 and Nexus, Colorado’s Healthy-Living Connection in metro Denver from 1984-2014. Nexus’ print magazine was the dominant media in the holistic health interest niche (which included yoga) in Denver and Colorado’s Front Range cities for 35 years. Now I own and run, with my wife Stacey Dykema, NexusAlive.com, which is an online magazine. I have interviewed dozens of Yoga and Eastern spirituality luminaries over the years. Many of these interviews are available at NexusAlive.com. Find a collection of my yoga columns, written for Nexus, here.


In my yoga therapy practice I specialize in the rare condition known as disruptive kundalini, or disruptive body energy. See my other website at www.kundaliniproblems.com for more info on this.